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Design-builds, bid-builds & renovation projects for the federal government. 



Sygnos is a veteran owned & operated company, founded in Phoenix, Arizona & incorporated in November 1999. Our President, Patrick Sheely, a Vietnam Era Veteran, retired from Hensel Phelps Construction Company where he performed as the Chief Estimator for over 20 years. With the help of Marlene Sheely & business partner Phil Pownall, from Bechtel International, they have created longstanding relationships with those who support & care for those who serve our country. We are honored to be a part of their mission.

We are proud of our team of veterans & personnel with decades of construction experience & expertise. Sygnos has been awarded five job order contracts over the past ten years throughout the United States. At Sygnos, our main priority is jobsite safety, overseeing the quality of workmanship, while staying on schedule to build a superior product for the end users. Our safety focus includes Sygnos staff, the subcontractors, & each project's government officials. ​

Over 20 Years Sygnos Inc


Design Build


A method of project delivery in which one entity works under a single contract with the government to provide design & construction services.

Bid Build


The process in which the government & end user have previously coordinated the project design & requires contractors to bid on the project. Once awarded, the construction phase can begin.

Renovation Project

Renovation Project

In this approach, the contractor is hired to restore the final product back to its original state by repairs or improvements.

Our firm focuses on design-builds, bid-builds and renovation projects for the federal government. 


We are proud to collaborate with our nation's top government departments. We do not consider them customers. We treat them as team members & work diligently alongside them to complete each project to their 100% satisfaction.

Engineers and Businesspeople


"The contractor understood the urgency of timely completion with high quality work in place to meet mission deadlines. The Quality of work completed is exceptional due to the performance, quality control personnel and coordination of the contractor."

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